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God of Quizzes, i Beg for Torment...

borrowed belatedly from petalligator

theory slut
You are a Theory Slut. The true elite of the
postmodernists, you collect avant-garde
Indonesian hiphop compilations and eat journal
articles for breakfast. You positively live
for theory. It really doesn't matter what
kind, as long as the words are big and the
paragraph breaks few and far between.

What kind of postmodernist are you!?
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Would I totally give away which result I got if I complained at the mis-use of the phrase "revisionist historian?" 'Cause it's an out-moded term that bespeaks of a movement to re-write history--Howard Zinn is a prime example--but really while a precursor (if you think linearly) to post-modernism, it clearly isn't as interested in exploring new narratives and examining WHO'S narrating as the post-modernists are. And since that paragraph was a six line sentence, I'm going to go hide now.

You are correct, the term "revisionist" is in danger of being sort of co-opted and gutted in public discourse (not unlike the term "irony"), used to connote any form of study which seeks to reinterpret or revise events that have be documented in some way shape or form beforehand, while ignoring the fact that reinterpreting or revising the WAY in which events are recorded, through WHO'S eyes, WHAT it is that we are doing when we attempt to record and analyze those events, and HOW that affects our experience of the record of those events, is the truly postmodernist part of the equation.

The longer you watch language function, and the more the speed of communication accelerates, the more you start to notice when words stop behaving according to their denotation, and start behaving according to their connotation.


Um, so, what'd you get?

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