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Gaki: writing myself Real

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Not exactly earth-shattering fame and fortune...

Forever In My Heart, Daniel Potal via 1x

But seeing a review on my stuff...

... and then looking at the main page, to see myself listed with a bunch of authors I adore, whose company I absolutely don't deserve to be in... 

... well, that's quite a kick in the pants, that is.  ^_^

Guess I better keep at it then.  Happy weekending and happy weekbeginning, space cadets.  

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Thankya kindly. I've been having a surprising amount of fun with it!

I need to go and read it in full, and seeing as I'm avoiding article writing, this is the perfect time. Wheeeeee.

You can't start an article until the deadline is looming - those are the rules. :) Do let me know what you think, when you get around to it - good or bad, it all helps me improve.

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