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Not exactly earth-shattering fame and fortune...

Forever In My Heart, Daniel Potal via 1x

But seeing a review on my stuff...

... and then looking at the main page, to see myself listed with a bunch of authors I adore, whose company I absolutely don't deserve to be in... 

... well, that's quite a kick in the pants, that is.  ^_^

Guess I better keep at it then.  Happy weekending and happy weekbeginning, space cadets.  

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I haven't finished - I'm in fucking article land and have two interviews to conduct THIS WEEK for an upcoming festival in Sydney, that I then have to blog about... once I'm done with this madness I'll tune in for the rest.

Thanks for sharing your work with the world. Internet makes all this story sharing so much easier :)

As for the keyhole.... I can't wait to get there. I only got through the first three or four books in the series and have been meaning to go back to the gunslingers, but my own gun girly kinda took all my attention. Whoops

Great Caesar's Ghost, I never would have expected you to finish the entire thing in one run even if you weren't so busy! Hope you're managing to keep your head above water.

Funny thing about Wind Through the Keyhole - it actually takes place, chronologically, right after Wizard and Glass - making it book "4.5". If that's where you ended up, you could actually charge right into the latest book without missing a beat - and given that it is also BETTER than those last few books, I recommend this approach highly. :)

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