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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Vocabulary Assignment for Today

I'm looking for a word, here.

It would be something like the word, "epiphany." But where that word implies a sense of fundamental realization, a fleeting understanding, or a bit of enlightenment, the word I need here would be basically opposite.

It'd be a word for one of those moments when you breathe in, look up at the sky, and realize that you don't really understand anything, and that the person you always thought you were is much smarter than the person that you, in fact, are.

I'm not saying YOU really need that word. I'm just saying, I'D like to know it.

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I'd still call that an epipheny. just a humbling one is all.;)

It's like I've been saying since I was three; I get* the words, I just need more of them. :)

I guess what I'm really wondering here, being the wondering type, is -- can you have a realization, that leaves you knowing LESS?

Questions like these, for no obvious reason, cost me precious sleep.

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