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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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links for 2007-11-17

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That is about the polar reverse of my experience in the security industry. I went right head long into the ass kicking side of the business, and then into the investigative side. Bodyguarding (lucrative) and formal Investigation (too much following for me, I don't like commuting) have both been options for years. While the pay has been low, participating in the unionizing of the field has been worth the fight, and even mediocre gigs like Joey's can pay up to 20/hr in a union security town now.

I think he went into this to bash it, most people think basic security (the kind you can trust an uneducated unskilled person with no interest in criminal justice with) is like being a secretary that can study her homework all she wants on shift. Why try to catch a few minutes of your subject between bursts of chicken grease when you can be relatively clean and unworked instead? For a poet like him to miss out on the time in pay to write as much as he wants is very wasteful.

He *is* speaking gospel on saying the word no to employers though. Especially in security. They have really got to get a fucking grip. They will never have enough stable guards, and they will never have enough people to commit to 80% of the shift they signed up for....this does not mean they get to take their stable staff and grind them into paste for overtime that ultimately isn't worth the lost time on off days.

I have weeks of 37 hours, I have weeks of 69 hours, it all depends on how much free time I want most of the time. If they want to keep their staff that should remain a constant, because frankly, I could bounce again and not have any backtalk at all.

My experience in security work is limited (a year of college student security/campus bike patrol, and a few months of keyholder graveyard shift at a seedy arcade in London). Not my cup of tea, but it does seem the lad could have tried a little harder...?

To an extent I think he DID go in there to bash the job. Not as an active attempt to smear the outfit, but because he seems to be of the poet-artist archetype that just sucks at holding down a job, any job, and he frequently writes about those experiences. (I'm normally hesitant to let people play that card, but I've read a number of the guy's writings and come away impressed at the level of sincerity.)

I remember the days when my suite of job skills was very thin, and finding jobs was still a matter of just filling out random applications until I found something I could stomach for a few months. So it's fair to say I have some sympathy.

(Maybe all Canadian security gigs are sleepy. Have they invented crime yet, in Canada?) :D

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