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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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links for 2007-12-06

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I'm almost as stunned by It's A Wonderful World Is Not Enough Ends With You Whatever The Fuck They Decide To Call It as I am by the fact that Square is releasing something so beautifully strange.

Save for Tetsuya Nomura's style of giving all the characters spiked hair and club feet, the Jet-Set-Radio-meets-Bleach design would've hooked me even if the DS wasn't the only next-gen system I own.

fuseji's the one who likes all our pretty songs.

I had nearly given up on Square executing anything as left-field as this. Seriously the concept by itself is all win -- I just want to see how they execute it.

Sadly, I don't have my own DS (though I am* borrowing one -- I wonder what the odds are that the loaner will forget about it until this game comes out!).

Generating Forum Chatter for advertising hits

...I saw that gamespot review, and I don't think I'd agree with him about the game, (tone, two intensely ugly people struggling for life is still interesting to me, gritty if you will), but I think the professional disrespect shown to him....intense.

I also think people have mistaken the reviewer's post incident tone for blase...it's not apathy, it's the legal restraint from comment while his paperwork is filed for a massive suit. :)

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