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lucid moment

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  • 16:50 Well! Somebody just dropped off a box of business cards for me. Under my name is the title "Junior Designer." Can I get a "Hell Yeah?" #

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Fuck. YEAH! Whoooooooooooooooh! Congratz Ninja!!!!

Rahr! I didn't get to chat with much at the party (due to all the focused meditation I was doing, which you may have mistaken for drunkenness). So I haven't got a chance to find out how work and the night shift are treating you. We should hang out again sometime soon (but less rainy).

hhe! Well i was too drunk to tell the difference XD

Yesh! would love a hang out time. It'll be a week or so cause the holidays were not nice to us temps in the terms of pay, but very soooooon! Must hit sushi again!

Drunk!Portal rocks! X3

awwww yeah. I expect one of these cards in my wallet the next time we's be hangin :P

Fuck yeah!! YAY!! Congrats, you!!

::bows:: One more step along the path to... er... somewhere?

who KNOW games. Tight.

Re: Now I know people

Pshh, with all the tabletop stories I've read here from you, you know a thing or two about putting together games yourself.

The real trick is, as always, to put together something that lights people up when they play or participate in it. It's a goal that I think a lot of my good friends pursue, with all of the wide-ranging skills at their disposal. ^_^

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