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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Don't worry...

... I didn't fall off the face of the planet yet.

I've been running around at work, and taking advantage of my time to visit the peoples that keep my heart smart and my brain sane. (And all of you who are too busy to write or call, all I gotta say is that on my insane schedule, I STILL have managed to get in time to hang out with my friends all the way from Oregon to Florida. So stay busy, save the excuses because I miss you much and don't need to hear them, and when you DO feel like talking story, you know where to find me. Or, as teadee would say, YARH!)

And yah, I drove to Florida and back. I spend MORE energy on my off time than I do at work, sometimes. But it was a mad blast, brain food and adventures in the swamp and much love. I miss y'all already; but you knew this.

And NEXT week, I'm packing my bags again. On the road for trade shows, as I run to impress the crowds of Vegas and Dallas with my 133t gamer 5ki11z. Hell, it's an excuse to travel, and should be fun. But flying out of the Bay Area to Nevada, then back, then back out to Texas the next day? Hello, jet lag!

And as I find time, I and the whole crew of mad thinkers will be working on the story-realm of Potential, building our gothic cyberpunk magick day-in-the-life characters into whatever it is they're meant to be. You can find this community at mayven. You won't be able to read any of it unless you contact me and ask for access; but if you're curious, then please do! It deserves to be shared, if only with those who will take something of it with them.

The end of this day saw celebration as the title I've been working on finally got approved for production; the hideous hours I've been pulling finally culminating in victory, tequila, and much laughter. Then I came back to my house, and the usual mad dramatic crap ensued, but I'm so over it, I haven't even the energy to go into it. I love my house of rowdy feral children, and I hope that one day we'll find the target we're aiming for to direct all this chaotic energy, sexual tension, and boundless hunger for knowledge pain and solace, so that we spend less time fucking each other up, and more time taking the world by storm.

weary from too much of not enough
and making pretty pictures in the gutter
She is Sleep, come to lick my wounds
and breathe me sweetly into tomorrow

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what is the theory behind the new community? i mean, is it our characters from rhydin, or should we make new ones for it...?

Tonight, I'm going to put some time into group emailing y'all, establishing an Admin/OOC thread, and generally fleshing things out.

The uber-quick breakdown: Yes, this is about our Rhydin characters, but since we want to make a clean break from that world (abruptly decided last weekend, heh), we need to make something a bit new.

A) The brand new Not-Rhydin world = The mid-level world. All sorts of creatures from all time-zones. The reason it IS so unlikely a congolomeration is because this world is, in part, a dream.
B) The Twilight world... Characters like Hope, Emily, Pax, Freeman -- all are on a slightly metaphysical level, and the Twilight City is a place they keep revisiting, physically and spiritually. I would place Merikus on a level somewhere near Layne Korgan... more powerful than most Thieves, but not an anthropomorphic being, he's quite real.
C) The Machine... this one is a new concept. Our theory is that those non-Rhydiners are dream selves, and here live the people who dream them, a 1984-like setting devoid of (almost) all hope. In progress...

But of COURSE you can make new characters! I've got a few in mind already...

Belatedly, I realize the irony of my statement about Layne being real; she was in fact one of Freeman's dreams, given life. :) But what I meant was, she's sort of at the power level that Emissaries of the Gods are, and so is Mer.

I do have to say that you are the lucky one for the Trade Shows. I hope you have the time or energy to do a report. Always wanted to go to one [muhyarh!]

Hmmm...the community sounds like an interesting read. May I be allowed to join so i can watch?

::cries:: Nooo... no more reports...!

Heheh, hopefully I'll have a good time. I'm looking forward to the traveling, anyway. (Not so much looking forward to the rushing to the airport four or five times, lugging consoles and gear around, or crowds, but I plan to have fun with it anyway!)

And... you should have an email confirming your access to the mayven as a member. :) I'm starting off by only giving the core writers posting priviliges; but Potential will hopefully be expansive enough to contain almost any kind of story. So at some point in the future, once we get the lay of the land established and you've gotten your feet wet, if you find you have an idea or a piece you think would fit, then run it by me and we'll talk about it, okay? :)

Which reminds me! I'd been meaning to ask you about YOUR story and/or art journals. If you didn't mind adding me, I'd be stoked to see what you're working on, too!

Thanks for the email and the future invite if it turns out that way. I am still trying to get myself back into the swing of the writing thing now that my life has settled a bit, so I am very much happy to read others tales.

Sure i will add to both of my other journals but i will warn you now i have started plans on redoing them both.

The stories that are in there now are not complete. From thinking and planning with the characters I've decided to rewrite a lot of it and start from scratch. *L*

The art isnt good [esp not as good as the background on mayven whooo!] but i am working on illustrating a RPG that i am a part of. Its a total ongoing improvement with me and it will host the concept stuffs.

Having read all the comments thusfar...

...I find myself balking. Stubborn as a mule , the heels are digging in to resist this change.

I was willing to ename RhyDin. I wasn't thinking of making it the unreal dream world and then adding a third world which is a little too close to "home".

It smacks of the Matrix too much and I feel that there was soemthing a bit more interesting about having a real world like what-was-RhyDin with the surreality of it's reality as it stood.

I'm trying to process this without being a stick-in-the-mud. I guess change is easier for me to take if it's gradual and flows naturally and not tossed out like a bomb that leaves folk a bit shell-shocked.

Cripes, I'm whining too much already about this. tch, let me just say these are my "reservations" about this new order at this time.

Re: Having read all the comments thusfar...

LOL hey nothing's set in stone yet; that's why it's all out here for examination!

Hopefully I can allay some of your concerns, by emphasizing that the world of the Machine does not necessarily bear any resemblence to this 21st century world. Nic and Alyssa and the rest aren't "just dreams," and the fact that the Machine world exists won't ever necessarily impact on how they all live out their full lives. The Machine world is (A) barely a sprout of an idea, and (B) isn't any more or less real than either of the other two levels.

One of the things that always plagued me about the Inn world was that it reflected influences from everywhere... 20th century rock songs, 15th century armor, 30th century cybernetics, and that wasn't even the half of it. Now, I LIKE that quality, and made full use of it! But I hated all the hokey explanations that people would come up with for why it was possible. I never* bought into the Nexus thing, or any kind of "dimensional portal" theory; it always seemed hokey to me. Many writers treat other dimensions as little different than other planets or other worlds; I have always found this to be a bit of a cop-out, when there is actually a lot of real established literature out there about what time travel and alternate realities ACTUALLY are, and how they would function.

I have always thought that when the Inn world can only really function if a lot of things stay hazy. Why do so many of it's members get fuzzy when they try to remember their pasts? Why do different folk age at different rates? Why do certain people's behavior and their very histories seem to change, and no one notices? Why are resurrections so frequent? How do so many people from utterly different frames of mind and ways of life, somehow all come to be living in the same place (they can't ALL have migrated in, but they obviously didn't grow up near each other). ALL of these things work, because no one thinks about them too hard. It is a very dreamLIKE place, where you don't question what is in front of you, you just react to it. (Why is this child aging so fast? When did this person all of a sudden not seem to be there any more? As in dreams... you think about it, but not in the moment that it's occurring.)

I could ramble on about a TON more stuff, but I'm attempting to be concise here. So, to put it simple, the Machine doesn't affect anything about the way the Inn world operates, in fact the Inn world should stay EXACTLY as it is, and work the same way it's always worked. But if I were a "potential" audience member (ba-dum-CLASH!), and I was not part of an online RP group, then I might find the Inn world very baffling and not very consistent. This is ONE way in which it might be understandable to a new reader -- it's a dreamlike place. Simple as that. And hasn't Rhydin always been, and won't it always be, a city built from people's dreams?

(I think I'm gonna have to take most of this thread and post it over there, too.) More questions! More doubts! They help me think. ;)

Your community hates me.

Could be worse. My tummy hates me. ;)

Couldn't you log in? Write me and tell me what's up, and I'll fix it.

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