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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Magical Sugar Cubes

Originally published at Chamber. . You can comment here or there.

(4:24:32 PM) subworx: Out of curiosity, you know of / ever work with *******?
(4:24:48 PM) kolonized: heh. we just finished a job with them couple weeks ago
(4:25:13 PM) subworx: Ah, gotcha. The designer we’re losing is hopping over there as an information architect, so I got curious.
(4:25:25 PM) kolonized: interesting
(4:25:53 PM) subworx: I think they are curious about expanding into the games space, though I doubt there’s any solid plans about that.
(4:26:31 PM) kolonized: yeah, they do a lot of interactive stuff — they have the **** account for interactive, though someone else has it for print/tv
(4:26:49 PM) subworx: Right; I think they’re actually now a subsidiary of ****.
(4:28:03 PM) kolonized: bizarre. i remember when it used to be just *******, back in the day.
(4:33:07 PM) subworx: I was fascinated, largely because it shows me a path out of the narrow isthmus of game design, into User Experience design. If more similar positions start to appear, then that is good news for me in future.
(4:37:32 PM) kolonized: yeah, you’d be a good info architect. and you’re doing UI stuff already as well.
(4:39:45 PM) subworx: Mind, I’m in no hurry to leave games yet. ;) But one of these days, I’m gonna get fed up with these nightmare production schedules.
(4:42:28 PM) kolonized: I feel you on that. I see some interactive projects, or even commercial projects, where they had 9 months to work on something, and I’m going ‘god, to actually do research and plot and plan and iterate.’ be kind of nice for a while.
(4:44:08 PM) subworx: LMAO… oh, man… planning and iteration… whew. That’s good.
(4:44:40 PM) kolonized: it’s like a magical land where you work for the faeries and eat little magical sugarcubes that turn into steak in your stomach.
(4:45:16 PM) subworx: Whereas currently it’s like that, but they didn’t tell you about the steak part until you’d eaten four or five cubes.
(4:47:14 PM) kolonized: also, you’re vegan.