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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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I'm an ass.

I'm an imbecile.

I completely forgot to bring an absentee ballot. I didn't even fully realize the election was today until just right now.

Now Enron's boy-toy runs my fucking state. And I can't even say shit about it, because I didn't take part.


Maybe I'll just stay up here.


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I saw this commercial today in reference to a SciFi Channel Terminator marathon and it said "Arnold never loses", which is incorrect, because he loses in the first Terminator.

I beg to differ, beautiful. The TERMINATOR lost. ARNOLD made money. :)

(sigh) Days like this, I'm glad to discover that Canada produces a 950 ml can of 6.5% beer. I'm not sad enough to hit their 10% beer tonight, but give me a day or two.

I'm going to start a non-profit dedicated to lobbying against STUPID canidates. Ken. Join me. Move to Florida. ;D

Florida....Jeb Land....also known as Chad.::snickers::

::poke::If you don't stay in Canada, move to Oregon. :)

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