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Black Karma Sucker Punch

Yeah, baby. I'm UNEMPLOYED again.

And after I bailed on a perfectly good and steady temp job, in order to accept this vaunted "permanent" position, which lasted a total of two weeks before the general layoff came crashing down. Apparently I'm still working off the karma from my previous life as a deranged kitten-killing goblin.

This makes it much less likely that I'll be going to E3 this year after all, which is a shame, 'cause I was looking forward to it. Ronin once more, and consigned to scrapping in the pit of temp purgatory again; I'll wave hi to Sisyphus on the way down.

You have to laugh.

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We're just all waiting for the promise of new jobs and brighter days and so on and so on. And it sucks. It only goes so far when people say "Hey...somebody out there has it worse than you, friend." All I can say is "Let's just hope Somebody isn't looking for work in the same field, friend."


I hear Iraq's looking for people to work over there. I wonder if they could handle a benevolent dictatorship for a change? I think I could even qualify for that!

Eh, meanwhile...good luck, dove. And keep us posted.

To the CIA agents who monitor net traffic:

I do not know this woman.

Drink green tea, ye of little faith.

... though actually, it was oolong tea in Chinatown.

My little brother and I spent the day eating dim sum and exploring. I now have a couple of lovely sets of throwing knives, each of which come with sheaths that fit snugly to wrist or ankle. All in all, I'm in pretty good spirits, Drana-san. Genki desu; doomo arigato Miss Roboto.

Boogity. Clearly, this calls for an umemployment party. 'Cause as of the end of the month I am job-less, home-less, and college-less. Let the insanity begin. ;D

I'm moving up in the world. No longer am I a starving student. Soon, I will be a starving artist. How much longer I'll be able to afford this ether-al existance is subject to change. Uncle sam has some monetary ramifications to work out with me.

And the US of A...the scariest loan-shark of 'em all.

"Keep the peace, be nice to the putty, and be nice to me." --one high chic

~Rohin MacKurn

... I figure, I've got a plan for that whole loan repayment thing. I can picture it clearly.

"So, Uncle Sam, how about we do it this way. YOU know and I* know that I'm broke. I'm a philosophy major, and I can't believe you let me get away with that in the first place. But hey, tell you what. You can have my Social Security benefits. Yep, just go ahead and cash 'em! Since I'm planning on living out my golden years in a solitary mountain temple anywa... wait, what do you mean you already...?"

hell! i didn't know you're a philosophy major too!

isn't it funny that our society actually gave us money to study that, and expect us to pay it back? heh.

anyway, my suggestion is to go to law school. there are a number of benefits to the philosophy major at law school:

1. law schools actually think it's admirable that you were a philosophy major.
2. free booze. lots and lots of free booze. at every event. (well, at least at my school.)
3. you can repay your philosophy loans!

Hell isn't that bad, they've got rock'n'roll bands there.

Of course in Hell, they get to listen to their tunes done by a coverband. A German Polka Band doing Primus. Can you hear it now?

Frankly...I'm not buying the wings and harps deal for Heaven. I expect to be able to sit on one Earth-Shaking concert that'll make Woodstock obsolete. (The original and the commercialized versions of Woodstock.)

Keith Greenwood, prep that piano...I'm on my way!

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