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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Day 6. The nightmare continues.

Originally published at Chamber . You can comment here or there.

kingsnake to me, awhitenet
12:13 PM (6 hours ago)

“Hey, Tippy wanted to check in and see how our babies were doing. Did Kali eat? We are in Cusco, just came back from Machu Picchu, which was just incredible. Hope you all are doing well.”

fulldamage to kingsnake, awhitenet
12:56 PM (6 hours ago)

Firstly. Fuck you and your awesome adventures. :P

Secondly, with the human population of the house significantly reduced, the animals’ rise to power has accelerated dangerously. The supply of living mealworms has grown thin; faced with the obsoletion of its’ preferred food source, the turtle took Annette’s hand in payment. How she can hold a paintbrush with that hook-hand is a source of amazement to me. She’s so brave. When the now behemoth-sized creature pushes at the walls of its’ increasingly fragile prison, its armored shell scraping reptilian dreams of bloody rampage across the glass, she only whimpers a little bit.

I do not know when the cat sleeps. It has taken to riding around on the shoulders of any available human, in lieu of walking. With needle-sharp claws, it is somehow able to pierce and navigate the nervous structure of the human spinal column, doling out intense pain if its needs are not met. It allows us to leave the house for work, and to feed, but apart from this we are permitted little freedom. I believe there is some form of structure to its machinations, some form of alien intelligence. But whenever I feel I’m beginning to understand, the cat vomits forth obscene creations, and then forces me to drink whiskey until my senses are numbed. What day is it, now? Where is the sun?

The snake watches, for now. It is always watching.

I must go, before I am discovered. Devoid of hope, we take some small comfort in the thought that this note is received, and remembered. Save these records, so that someone will know how bravely we met our end.

(ps everyone’s fine. You better bring us stuff.) ^_^

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(Deleted comment)
Is there something in the water. Cause I'm just finding the two of you so fucking funny lately.

(Deleted comment)

Re: There is no cake...

Ken and Net.

But I'm sure you et le chat sont amusants aussi. ;)

Re: There is no cake...

There is totally something in the water. This is the only valid explanation for anyone of sound mind to find me funny.

Besides, you drink a lot of water.

The general population is advised to find Net funny. Or else.

Lily is always funny!

Advised. HA! Public Health Announcement.

Yes, Lils' always funny. ^.^ Water notwithstanding.

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