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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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All hell broke loose...

... and my homeland, Southern California, is a burning ruin.

From San Diego to San Bernardino, Crestline to Highland, Montclair to Claremont, from Colton to Palmdale, the sun is a red globe behind a black pall of smoke, and it is raining ash. The fires have devestated forest, have reached the other end of the canyon my parents live in, have driven my friends' parents from their homes, were a half mile from my good friend's home yesterday (which he shares with his four children), and advancing with the wind.

Sometimes, no matter where things are in your life, you need to get a little perspective.

And as always, All Hallow's is here to help me find that perspective, and all the dead voices come to remind me what living is all about.

Get in touch, and let me know you ARE alive, and that you're okay. Tonight I don a blank mask, and will walk from house to house in search of favors, in memory of those who need favors, in memory of those who can no longer search.

Whereever you're headed tonight, send a good thought, and walk with me. Just for a little ways. Cheers.


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Candy and well wishes...

To you and yours.

I am sorry that things are getting worse and can only hope that the ones you love are doing alright, eventhough their life is upside down.

From the bluffs of Missouri i send you mini gum, caramel green apples covered in fine peanuts, milk caramels, and cream caramels.

Stay well

Re: Candy and well wishes...

Well, that would have been a MUCH better turnout than my actual candy haul. Then again, sometimes people don't take well to trick or treaters who get started after 10:30 pm... or 11... or whatever the hell time it was. :) We had fun anyway. Thank you very muchly.

I hope people will get out safely.

Amazingly, they did. The Crestline fire was stopped about half a mile from my friend's front doorstep. 10 days worth of power outage will mean that the refrigerator will need a major cleaning, but that's a task of far less magnitude then cleaning up a burnt-down house. :)

the sky doesn't look like a tragic industrial wasteland anymore...the ash has stopped raining and the air doesn't sting my eyes. whats it look like there ken?

It only looks like as much of a tragic industrial wasteland as is normal, here. :) Fall is here, overcast mornings are common, and the walk from space-heated rooms down the freezing hallway to the more-freezing bathroom has become a household dread. The cat has forged a strange friendship with my Xbox, and I need new windshield wipers.

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