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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Originally published at Chamber . You can comment here or there.

Thanks, everyone, for not fucking that election thing up.  It’s a really good feeling.

McCain’s concession speech was a lot more even-handed (and even encouraging) than I expected, and props to him for that.

Quick hits from spin city:
*New president that’s not a war profiteer. Woo!
*Have now lived in the bay for something like 8 years. What happened there?
*Got turned down for a writing position at Funcom in Oslo. Easy come, easy go.
*Leaving my current job after about 2.5 years, which is about the usual for me and jobs. Last day’s on Thursday.
*Starting a new Associate Producer gig, for more monies, in the same neighborhood, in a couple of weeks. Ready, steady, go.
*Halloween was a blast, if exhausting. Thanks everyone who made it out there! I don’t think, sadly, that I have any pictures of me or the rest of the vagabonds in costume. Will see if I can remedy that.
*PS3: Little Big Planet, Valkyria Chronicles, Naruto UNS, Mirror’s Edge, holy woot.
*Built a computer. It was hella nice for all of three weeks, then the processor ’sploded. Boo.
*Fell in and out of love again. It was a really sweet, romantic thing — but either it wasn’t quite right, or I’m just not wired to be part of a “couple.” I guess when I meet the girl I want to blow up the world with, I’ll know, right? At least I’ve had my first amicable breakup, now. Growth, learning, self-change, movement, progress. This life thing, it’s all right you know.
*Thinking seriously about going up for a Masters in a couple of years. We’ll see.
*Still writing. No really! And more to come. I’ll share when I’ve got something I’m happy with.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Stay tuned, true believers. A brave new world continues to happen all around us, and I’m not entirely certain the road under my feet when I leave the house tomorrow, will be the same one that was there today. But I want to see where it takes me, more with each passing day.

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That is the most encouraging thing I've seen all day. Thanks, Ninja.

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