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For you

The Buttafly Guide to Interpreting Friendster Photos

Um, why does India have my credit information?

Hurray for the Gloomy Bears!

We love Weebl. Fear the Vibro Egg!

"Advent Children," the hour-long CGI sequel to Final Fantasy 7, is coming. You can get the trailer here, and you should do so, because it rules.

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vibro egg makes baby jesus cry.

gloomy bears own my ass. I would my mother for that postcard.
Or someone else's mother.
Someone I didn't know.

I mean, it is just a postcard.

I meant that I would *sell* my mother...

just so you didn't think the missing verb was something absurd, like "ask".

new post goin' on ova theah in that snakey journal.

sho nuff is snake ova theah.

don know if ah like it.

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