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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Signal interruption

Originally published at Chamber . You can comment here or there.

Snap the power cord back into the junction on the router. One two three lights, the fourth will signal a resumption of the transfer of data, connection through the aether.

The streets of the sunset are clogged with fog, and the low distant rush of the sea claiming the shore. Alone, headlights mark the approach of a slim white Prius, branded with an orange banner evangelizing the arrival of solar plate technology to lonely souls in need of illumination during the witching hour. It disappears into the fog, and we are left alone with the moon overhead, which is coming full right now. We can stare upwards, and though the ubiquitous streetlights consume all stars within their hungry orange wavelength, still the moon watches, unclaimed and holding all its secrets. And as the mist rolls past us, between us, that moon begins to race through the heavens.

Heads tilted back, we can watch in silence, floating along in its dizzying wake, held aloft on vertigo and listening to the music of the world’s turning. We are still learning the world’s boundaries, and how it is that we live here and now, in the manner in which we do. Bereft of the orienting phenomenon of gravity, one would fall and fall forever. Sometimes in a falling universe, all it takes is the correct perspective to help us understand how to fly.

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You haven't lost the knack of writing my dreams.

I do occasionally lose the knack of checking my comment replies, though. ^_^

Happy Turkey Day...

It's gotten lonely in the realm of journaling, hope you are well...

Re: Happy Turkey Day...

Oi you! Sorry for the vastly belated reply; it's been a while! I hope you're having a good holiday season so far -- and it's good to be able to read some of your recent entries and see life moving, moving, moving on.

Standing up in front of a hundred people is surely intimidating -- sounds like you handled it with flying colors. And Liam's old enough to have a girlfriend now? Jeebus. (He's surely doing better than I* ever did!)

Glad beyond glad to hear what is mostly good news from you. Can it really be 2009 already? How on earth did that happen?

Re: Happy Turkey Day...

It is nearly the new year...whoa, when DID that happen?!

:) Life, for once, isn't sending me an avalanche of lemons (pity, I've come to like a good lemonade now and then...) so we're all good here.

Remember, we're always available for guests should the occasion arise that you all need to escape Norht for a time. :) A Merry Christmas to you and a very Happy New Year, also!

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