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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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lucid moment

Originally published at Chamber . You can comment here or there.

11:17 Overheard re - Inauguration: "I don’t care. Politics are stupid." #

11:18 Overheard re - Inauguration: "Why is it special that there’s a black person running for president? They’ve run before." #

11:18 cont. Overheard re - Inauguration: "It’s ignorant to look at it that way." #

11:19 Overheard re - Inauguration: "I think it’s very special that there’s a (pause) African American running for president." #

11:19 cont. Overheard re - Inauguration: "It’s historically important." #

11:19 Going out for a smoke and a fume. Brb. #

17:40 @Tamawil Yeah - nothing brings out MY racist streak like middle-aged white men saying that it’s ignorant to think about race in an election. #

17:44 Lest I forget there was also, "You know where he grew up? He’s whiter than I am!" I really wish I trusted myself to respond constructively. #

17:53 @Tamawil I took it as a reminder, a useful one at that. "Don’t get too comfortable." #

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Meanwhile. In nanny-land. We all danced circles and they chanted, "Barak Obama!" every time they saw his picture.

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