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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Happy Holidays

Jojo in the Stars looks mysterious, bleak, and wonderful. Please tell me anything you might hear about it.

The Takara Sake Factory is a magical place no more than ten minutes from my house. They say that, high above the rice paddies of Japan, sometimes the very gods are taken aback and weep tears of joy for the beauty of everything that Is. Their tears are collected from fields and forests by enchanting and beautiful wood sprites, and carried in individual leaves to a monastery where a secretive order of Shinto monks collects and places the liquid joyfall into special sealed caskets arranged carefully along the island's most powerful ley-lines, absorbing the harmonic ki of the earth itself. When the beverage has reached that proper state of balance, and time has lessened the spiritual purity of this arcane fluid until mortal's flesh and blood can consume it without being rent utterly asaunder, then it is called Sake, and put in wonderful bottles of every variety. At the Takara Sake Factory's tasting room, the legend goes, twin angels hover behind the counter, pouring taste after taste of this marvelous beverage, that the devout may make an appropriate donation, before carrying away whatever quantity their hearts and wallets care to indulge in. So the legend goes, and it is true. Their newest brew, an organic Nama sake', brought me near to tears of my own. I have said too much.

For those who know of Badger Badger Badger, beware... the nightmare is not over.

Have you not learned your Cyborg Name yet, Luddites? Find it here. As most of you already were aware, I have been designated a K.E.N. - Killing and Extermination Neohuman.

Only the die-hard geeks here will be able to tell me what a Chrono Trigger is. For those who know, click this link to hear the ballad of Gato, who's only mission in life was to get his ass kicked relentlessly to earn you fifteen measly silver points. I know you're not sorry... don't front. Just pay respects.

This article is a fascinating (geek alert once again) diatribe on the current state and future state of MMORPG PC gaming. Read some of the threads that follow, if you have the interest; I don't even own a PC, but being in the biz, I pay far too much atttention to this sort of thing.


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*gasp* I drank sake tonight, it is so fine. Chu.

I had to go hunt down that song, because I knew it was somewhere on my harddrive. I listened to it like crazy when I first downloaded it, not because of the lyrics, but because despite not being properly equalized, the music is pretty damn catchy. ...and yes, Robo was so much better than that damn frog, even though I was suckered into taking Lucca and Marle most of the time.

What a great game.

I dunno. I forgot. It's been so long, too long. It's hard to remember who I forgot...


Who are you?

Robo was hardcore because he stayed in the past to plant trees for like 100 years, and still had to absorb his dead girlfriend's brain; life is tough when you're from the future. But if you leveled him up properly and gave him the Masamune, I'd take Frog any day. Though I think I used Ayla more than either of them, because of Falcon Hit.

You know I'll always love Chrono Trigger.

You know I gots some metal joints.

Huh. For a second there, I thought you were speaking a foreign language...

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