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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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I just don't know what to say about this

Ontario, Canada, enacts a bill to ban Dwarf Tossing.

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So of course, we had a huge debate about this at the office, just because A) we are strange, and B)it's really bizarre legislation. I mean, on the surface it seems like a pretty good (and probably overdue) idea, but hey, what if you just happen to get in a fight with a dwarf (which we are all constantly in danger of, since it is a well-documented fact that all short-people are angry)? Does this mean you can be sued if that dwarf loses contact with the ground during the fight?

What if one dwarf tosses another dwarf?

Will the will to toss dwarves prevail over the courts of law, creating a new and seedy black market world of underground dwarf tossing, leading eventual to the Mob gaining control of all Canada?

Will this cause a spike in American dwarf tossing, as outlaws cross the border to engage in their favored pastime, free of persecution? How will this affect the American dwarf population?

What if a dwarf requests being tossed, as a preference or a mode of travel, or just recreationally? Does that make the dwarf a criminal or accomplice...?

So many ramifications. :)

Huh. Them's there's some thoughts to be thinkin' on.

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