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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Some year...

... hasn't it been?


Fell in love this year, and got my heart broken.

Lost my first car (not counting the dauntless Rabbit, which really was my Mom's), and got ahold of a new one.

I got my first job that is actually career-like and keeps advancing me. It's stuff I like to do. I think I'm happy with it. I'm actually not sure at all. But I don't know what else to do.

Didn't overdose on anything this year. Yay me.

Made some new friends, and probably lost some too, to the attrition of time passing and not enough calls or visits.

I was given a dream journal, and plan to be putting it to use.

I haven't done a Reading for myself for quite some time. Perhaps I ought to. So many cycles of change... so many!

I have helped give Life and Breath to the Compound for more than two years now... and once again, as always, it teeters on the verge of extinction. Two more people moving out, two more who I will miss very much... and I can't blame them, I am even encouraging them. Too much noise here, too much chaos and conflict makes it difficult to make progress. Too many bodies bring too much drama. Same reason people always move out...

... and that leaves three. As usual. Ah, me. My arms are weary of holding these walls up. My legs are tired of dancing this dance.

New year, new car, new job duties, new outlook. Maybe it's time for a new place to be.

Hey, everyone? Are we ready to do the whole plan where we get a big island and move all the cool people there (you know who you are) and build our own little village and just live there, and fuck this workaday nonsense in Babylon? Anybody win the lottery yet or anything? Just let me know...

... because actually objectively, I'm doing great. Better than I ever have been.

It's just, for some reason, I'm suddenly so tired.

PS - I'm outta town for a few days, and for once I'm leaving my damned computer here. Enjoy your Xmas, whereever you are, even if you don't celebrate it. Those of you with snow, please oh please oh please throw a snowball at someone for me, I'm so dying for that but I live in a land that has forgotten Seasons. You don't have to tell them it was me. Just do it, go forth and wreak mischief. People don't realize it, but they need the unexpected very very much, and if you don't, then who will?

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::strolls to the mountains and snags some snow, pelting some poor passer-by...::


I ended up going to the mountains, and seeing snow, and you better believe someone got pelted. Some wishes DO come true...

I get to see snow soooon!! ::dance.::

Better, my friend Stefani will get pulled over in her '63 Thunderbird twice for you and I will stuff snow in my panties.

Why do I get the feeling you've already done this? X)

Hey, I'm ready to move! But I suggest a moveable island. (Floating island, sky island?) That way it's not entirely tropical nor entirely frigid. When we tire of snow, we can leave. This way we'll be sure to experience all of the seasons...any time we please. ;D

I think it's a fine idea. Any takers? See the world, AND be as hermit like as you want...no more Machine... Com'on...ya no ya wanna... ;)

Later Taters.

Hmm... I have a feeling that's a bit out of my price range...

Where's your sense of adventure, man. Sky's the limit...quite literally. ;D

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