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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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A moment

Originally published at Chamber . You can comment here or there.

I think the hamster is frightened of schools in China.

School Puts Children in Danger to Boost Their Bravery

Angry Teacher Rips Student’s Cheek Off

Most Remote School, Hidden in the Clouds

Apropos of nothing, I’m beginning to play with the idea of going to school again. I’d like to learn more about the world of design in interactive media. I mean, that’s my whole job already, but right now I’m a person who takes great ideas, amplifies them, and implements them well on a timeline, specifically for games. I’d like to expand beyond that — to stretch the limits of what I can create, everywhere that machines and people connect to each other. I have on the job experience and natural aptitude; now what I want is the academic background, I want to exclusively look at what’s at the edge of the field right now, what the real minds in it are thinking and doing.

I want to reach for something new. So, school right?

Because I’m such a big fan of realistic plans <(^.^)^ I decided to see if I could actually get away with doing this in another country.

If I budget this correctly, I could in theory be ready to go by fall of 2011, with tuition for a second bachelor's and enough money to get by on for a year or two. Just in time to watch the Mayan calendar end from a different continent.

Of course, I could go to school domestically for much less than it would cost me to support myself and pay tuition in another country for two years. Or I could live without working at all for a couple of years, and focus on just my own projects with that time. But these are all dreams. I don't see any reason to limit or define them until I'm in a position to make them real.

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Edit. Most of the time, replace "great" in the above with "pretty good" or "decent" or "salvageable."

I'd be ripping off some teacher's cheeks for sure, were that my kid.

For serious. You don't "accidentally" rip a child's cheek off barehanded; that takes real intent to hurt.

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