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lucid moment

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10:48 Apparently these haxxored game versions are all over in the Outer Territories. Weird, they’re like music mashups! #

11:35 From bygone days of weird, canvassing doors (a proper environmental footsoldier) with a wine hangover and Ani i… ♫ #

12:47 For teh lulz. Spotted by oletheros. #

14:07 @treyjackson sends me links like this for one reason… #

14:09 Reason being, when the robot squid monkeys finally euthanize us, he’ll be able to say "I told you so" with infuriating smugness. #

14:20 It is astonishingly petty behavior. Astonishingly. #

17:23 RT: @weirdnews: To all you mean hunters… LMFAO!!! #

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