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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Sick of drama...

... but it was a fairly lovely New Year nonetheless.

Trey and Tippy, ships that passed in the night, but it was good to see you first thing in 2004, if only for a moment. Keep the fire burning, whichever direction you decide to carry it in.

Jessica, bratling, you are my little sister, in how you make me feel I'm wise (hah!), and also in how you TRY MY GODDAMN PATIENCE some nights. Much love. Glad you're feeling better.

Danny-boy, we WILL hang out more this year. So it is written, so let it be done.

Jana, my Unstoppable Amazon Dance Monster, it was so good to see you pushing the Good Vibe like you always do. I don't see you enough.

One day Kendra will realize that she actually owns me, and will come to collect. Without you around the days just aren't as bright, sweetheart, so safe journeys and don't be a stranger. Four years was too damn long an absence.

And all the rest of you, I missed you, I heard you. Cheers!

Aw, dammit, tomorrow really is a working Monday, isn't it? I want nothing to do with it, nothing at all, but I'll be ready for it, more or less. More AND less.

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Hrm. Well. Yeah. Later.

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