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The Girls Next Door

The above is a link to a powerful and disturbing New York Times article I heard about via evandorkin's journal, regarding human slavery rings conducted here in the states.

The thing that really got me about it were the "pickup" locations or way stations where human traffic is passed from hand to hand. 7-11 parking lots, the suburban dwelling next door to you... Disneyland is a favorite exchange location, where nobody is watching anybody.

Everytime I think I live in "civilization," I have to remind myself, I don't. Everything IS for sale in the corporate third world.

You have to sign up for an NY times account to read this; it's free, and may be worth it to you to keep yourself informed.

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I thought that Disneyland prided themselves in their thorough camera-surveillience protocol?

She explained: ''They would call you out of the basement, and you'd get a bath and you'd get a dress, and if your dress was yellow you were probably going to Disneyland.'' She said they used color coding to make transactions safer for the traffickers and the clients. ''At Disneyland there would be people doing drop-offs and pickups for kids. It's a big open area full of kids, and nobody pays attention to nobody. They would kind of quietly say, 'Go over to that person,' and you would just slip your hand into theirs and say, 'I was looking for you, Daddy.' Then that person would move off with one or two or three of us.''


I'm sure they DO pride themselves on that, and I'm sure it cuts down on random kidnappings and the like. (I'm sure they won't be happy about this article, either.) But the real professional operations out there seem to know what they're doing, and it would be hard to catch stuff like that at the MOMENT it occurs, with so many people and cameras, though you might be able to track down footage AFTER the fact.

I did read this when it came out, disturbing and definitely something people must read, which i don't say about much these days.

I was actually about to email you that very paragraph, but got distracted.

what's mind-boggling is the anonymity of it. sure, disney's got thorough surveillance, but they don't know what to look for. they're looking for struggle, for someone left alone... the hallmark of our civilization is that we have the luxury of not looking. and that's how these fuckers are able to operate. people don't want to know and they don't want to see.

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