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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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lucid moment

Originally published at Chamber . You can comment here or there.

09:34 gamla stan, stockholm. swedish meatballs with lingonberry, pint of spendrups, and the world going by out the window. #

09:35 in other words, just about goddamn perfect. holler if you need anything, internet. #

09:54 @treyjackson Already been to the comic book store. Geeks without borders, yo. #

23:57 1/2way around the world and i just got spotted as a Leapfrog employee. wtf, i say. #

23:59 by someone from the office, no less. at my hotel. what are the odds? #

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NO WAY - I looked all over Gamla Stan for Swedish meatballs and couldn't find one. No pancakes either... tell me where!

Man, I don't recall the name of the place - if you came up from the T-bana facing into the narrow streets, it was less than a block directly ahead on the right. It was cafe-like, seemed new and didn't have much character but did have a nice little view of the street.

You'd think they'd be easier to find in old town, but but i had much better luck finding traditional fare in soder.

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