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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Mammon breathes...

This Daily Show clip is posted to show you just how well our President interviews on his own. His advisors probably cry whenever this happens.

Remind me never to run anywhere, ever, for anything, when I'm hanging out in San Jose. I'm INTERESTED in statistics, but I really don't wanna BE one.

Our adminstration scores big time environmental points... :)

Online RP people! If you never check another webcomic again, you must go RIGHT NOW and read Elf Only Inn. Trust me! Go!

In other news
A) I might be getting a permanent position soon... the Holy Grail of Benefits may be at hand! Dare I imagine it? Do I even WANT it?
B) This new position MIGHT POSSIBLY come with the "Associate Producer" title attached to it. WOOT x2!
C) Regardless of whether or not A + B ever happen, my workload just magnified itself again. Boo.
D) I tentatively have a place to live, but now I can't find my GODDAMN LIST of much NICER places I wanted to live, places that I wanna call back and harass before I am forced to take the one I've been offered. Ah, well. Back to tearing up my room haphazardly. Damn my general retardedness.

Thought for the day: Every time you click an ad, somebody gets paid 5 - 50 cents. Every time you click a link, chances are that data is tallied, along with any clicks that came before or after it, and that data is turned around and made into presentations, which are often turned into investor capital... that is to say, every time you click the mouse, you generate POTENTIAL money, which someone is watching very carefully, which someone ELSE might decide to pay for. Every time you search for something in a browser, your entire search is tallied and filed away, collected in databases, presented to analysts, who direct advertising to more people based on where and when you were looking things up.


You may decide to try to avoid this, or shun it, or buy into it, or even learn to control it. But know that this is how the Internet runs; in the digital world, what you hunt for determines what you will find. What you click on now, determines what people will try to show you, tomorrow.

Be curious, and you will learn to shape it. Be conscious, or it will begin to shape you.

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Good luck on the possible job promo! DOOOOO IIIITTTT! and gives you list finding mojo[jojo]

Remember, its all good, and if not then kick'em in the jimmy. Never worked for me so it should be gravey for you.

This bit of nonsenSe brought to you by cheap liquor. Thank you! :bows:

Thankee for the mojo jojo power! I don't believe any of the crap they tell me at work (secrets and lies... always with the SECRETS and the LIES...) ahem, but it sounds good, so hopefully one day it will be true on paper.

mmm... cheap liquor...

I will be more concious of which Bush-hating links I click from now on...

...maybe by sheer volume someone will get the point.

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