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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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The Secret Code to Earth's Defenses

I got back from seeing this film, which is so fucking true that it left a perma-smile on my features.

And Angelo from Fishbone doing spoken word live before the film, as well? Fuck yeah.

No packing got done; fuck it. And I seem to have contracted "mouse finger;" my index finger has been spasming at odd moments lately, as though in response to signals from a remote alien intelligence commanding me to send them the secret code to Earth's defenses via Internet Explorer.

That said, goodnight computer. And to the rest of you, sleep well.

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Yay, you saw it, tell me about it! I want to see it badly!

It had me laughing the whole way through; more than being about punk, it's a lot about being a racial minority living in neighborhoods where they stand out, where 99% of everyone they interact with is white, and how they find ways to cope with that. Like mixed-race kids, who have a tough time being accepted in ANY community they venture into.

One thing that surprised me a bit was that they didn't really get into ska music at all, which is tightly tied to punk these days, and crosses several racial boundaries. Skins and black dancehall folk seemed to be able to step together under the two-tone flag -- but then, maybe that effect is more visible and surprising in England than it is here.

Other favorite points include
A) Punk and hip-hop rising up at the same time in the late seventies... pointing out early hip-hop bands, who wore spikes and ripped up clothes and other crazy shit before the whole "B-boy" and "Punk Rocker" archetypes were so established.
B) One girl pointing out how many customs... tattoos, certain facial piercings, etc., were direct homage to tattooing and piercing rites used by African tribes, and how such things were as much her heritage as they are fashion.
C) The BAD BRAINS... !

It's very worth your time, if you can catch it playing or score a tape or DVD of it anywhere. :)

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