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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Moving Day

AUGH! Not enough boxes!

AUGH! Rain starts falling the instant I open my front door!

AUGH! Where the fuck did I get all this CRAP from?


Good morning.

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Look how cute you are, you're a kitty cat with glasses!

You mean, in all this time, you have not noticed that I was a kitty cat with glasses?

Wait, I guess you never have seen me with glasses on. Well, now you know. :)

*gasp!* You DO look like a kitty cat with glasses when you have your glasses on!

And P.S. Moving, is an adventure that can suck if you let it. Having done it four times in the last seven months, I can vouch that you've a fifty percent chance to have no suckage. But the rest is up to you ninja!

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