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For the weekend.

My house still has nothing resembling a working phone line.

I cannot find a damn copy of Capcom vs. SNK EO for Xbox anywhere. But in case you, too, are fascinated by the allure of Orochi Power, click hear to learn more about it.

And the
Rocket Scientist Award
goes to...

The new Cutest Thing Ever: Believe it or not, I have discovered a Neverending Fountain of Cute Kittens!

HardOCP sues Infinium
For those fascinated by this case of Free Speech vs. Money Laundering Vaporware, read on.

Feed Your Thirst for Japaneseness

A lesson in Punk

You may think your Karate's good. But can you defeat the 100 Styles of Rumsfeld?

Out. Have a good one!

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I don't trust those kittens, I'm hesitant that the next photo will be some mauled kitten accompanied by a sudden loud noise to scare the hell out of me.

Do not fear the kitten. Pet him. Stroke him. You must love the kitten. Search your feelings. You know it to be true!!!

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