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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Create the World

doodlegod.jpgLike puzzles, games, logic, fantasy, and world-building?  Or perhaps, like me, you just have a god complex? Either way, you should go and play Doodle God.  Like, right now.  Frighteningly simple, frighteningly creative, frighteningly addictive. 

Originally posted at The Floating Island.

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Awesome game!

Second.. i still can't post to FI. I feel like i was banished to a secondary, smaller island. its lonely. i cant even send messages in a bottle.

Really? I know we were able to at one point, since there's a post up with yer name on it, the formatting was just wonky at the time. We'll have to sit down and look at it again soon.

(Or if you don't mind, you can email me yr password and I can troubleshoot a little bit this weekend)

No. NOT Awesome game! Bad game. Uber bad game. I accomplished next to nothing today!


And really, if you've already found an element, and so it's no longer brand-fucking-new, it should not shout the Hallelujah Chords of bloody Elemental Heaven at you every-lame-ass-time and then blank your line-up 'cause then it's harder to remember where you left off in the match-ups!

Not that I care.

It's stupid.

And methodical.

And I made zombies. And lots of blood.

But I don't care.


Yeah, after discovering it I found myself compelled to finish the entire thing last night. I was relying pretty heavily on the hint bulb by the end, but I did manage to put together all 115 things.

Now, the voices won't compel me any longer. Now, I can finally *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsnore*

Nope, Still Don't Care At All...

There's a HINT button...?!

I am now determined to finish it without using it even once!!!!

*Storms off to resume siege.*

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