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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Beginnings and Endings

Lali Singh of Sanai Sampura, India, was born with two faces, and lived for two months, according to the Wikipedia entry.  Somewhat different than the condition of being a conjoined twin, Lali's condition was caused by an overabundance of a type of protein involved in the development of facial features.  
How might our lives be different if we could look in two directions at once?  How might language be different, if we could express two things at once?  How might our lives be different if we could sing with two voices, smile with two smiles, cry twice as hard?  
After she passed, it is said that they planned to build a temple in her memory.  Here in the western Empire, we do not build temples to honor those so marked by difference.  Mainly we bury them, and construct powerful dreams from their ashes.  It's a different tradition.  


Originally published at The Floating Island.