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For the weekend

Sorry that all the posts have just been link-lists lately. I am* writing a little bit, but it's in written notebooks, and these are all I have time for at work. Gomen! I will collect and post some more substantial stuff soon.

Still working on getting a DSL service provider for the house. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the wonderful world of high-speed connectivity, check out this DSL FAQ and you will more than likely find answers to your questions.

For no reason at all, here is a Hideous EyeWorm!

For those of you who have been awaiting the eXtinction Level Event, click this link to discover that it might have already been underway for some time.

Better watch out, parents. You let kids watch the wrong things, they may start nailing themselves to things without considering the consequences. :) (I'm envisioning Wal-Mart instituting a maturity level/rating system for religious paraphernalia... precisely the type of environment that can only exist in my twisted imaginings).

All I need to say is, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

J-list's latest Nihon Gothic Lolita Gear

Thai Boxing... en Francaise? It's ass-kicking time.

Have a good weekend!


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