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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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UFO Response Team

 So, I saw these guys driving east on Lincoln this morning, around 9:15 AM or so.  
Photo by Timoni
This isn't the actual car that I saw; I tried to get a shot of it myself, but of course my piece of shit WinMo phone camera chose that perfect moment to crash, as it so often does.  The shot in fact is from a Flickr user - and if you search for "UFO Response Team," you'll find a whole lot more.  Not just from San Francisco, but from all over the place. The one I saw was nearly identical, though - a refurbished police cruiser, the top having been spray-painted a matte black to try to match the rest of the car, Response Team decal on the back, UFO "tally" on the bumper.  
In fact, they seem to have their own website.  A privately funded organization, clearly, if they can't afford a better than a blogger site.  ;)  
Either they're crazy enough to actually be trying to find UFOs, in which case my hat's off to them - or it's an art stunt.  If it's the latter - what do you feel they're trying to say?