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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Fix Up, Look Sharp

This looks like it may be the Sickest Badass Anime-style Movie Ever. Go check it out, right now.

But, for all those lusting for something in a similar vein (there's a vampire joke in here... I'm resisting...), you can check out Avalon. From the director of Ghost in the Shell, Mamoru Oshii, this is a leisurely, noir romp through your favorite future and mine, the post-apocalyptic kind, but the film's spoken language is Polish, which makes a fascinating sonic complement to the absolutely gorgeous visuals. Future MMORPGs have never been envisioned better (yet).

Gomen nasai! For my general scarcity, my busy-ness both during and after work has known no bounds of late. I will be popping in and out of the Game Developers Conference for the rest of this week, so though my messaging systems will be on, I probably won't be at my desk most of the time (which is basically how the past few weeks have gone, anyway). And then I have to get on a plane on friday to go check out a trade show in Tennessee. And then my bankrupt former employer's corpse is trying to garnish my severance check, while I still can't get internet access at home. But at least, I have officially made the Associate Producer cut for this last title. (Whew).

Also, catching Henry Rollins on Sunday night at the Warfield was a needed spike of comedic rage. So was catching Dizzee Rascal on St. Patty's Day... I like how British hip-hop works a drum n' bass/jungle element into their beats. Too bad I had to suffer through hours of godawful DJing (truly fucking bad, dear gods) before he came on. Gold Chainz were funny and entertaining, at least, the only exception in a world of suck.

Hey, you. Chin up. In case you get busier than I do, stop, take a breath, and look up tonight. The solar system has lined itself up to pose for you.

Time for this kitty cat to sKITter sCATter...

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How come they put Saturn in front of Jupiter? >:[

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