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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Man on the Street - Freezepop, Portland

We sent our cyberpsychonaut into a Pacific Northwest orbital velocity to investigate.  He never came back. About a month later, we received this capsule containing a recorded communication, $12, an opium pipe and a breath mint.  Apparently, it was a hell of a show. 

T:  Back from Freezepop show.  Chris Onstad was there, so they performed the "Philippe is a very special boy" song.  And of course, Science Genius Girl.
K:  Well, shit.  That's awesome. 
T:  But my fave was opening act Ming and Ping
T:  Imagine if the love child of Bowie and Billy Idol grew up in a Chinese opera house.  In the future.  With the Monkey King as hypeman, and Fu Manchu on drums. 
T:  Also he talks to and sins [sic] with his 'twin' who is on a video screen with psychedelic backgrounds.
T:  In the Blade Runner future we were promised, this is what blares from floating video screens in our rainy metropolis.  
K:  Welcome back to the future. 
T:  Oh, indeed.  Good night and good luck, good sir. 

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LOL! And in Portland, Oregon? The wave of the future lands in a town that still votes on whether or not people can keep chickens on their property in city limits. How ironic.

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