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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Don't Forget - the Century Linker

 My post history is as spare as ever!  Let's amend that a bit, today.
I should probably get back to using del.icio.us to bookmark things, although I'm still not quite convinced that Yahoo intends to keep it around.  But for expediency's sake, a while ago I started mailing myself links that I found interesting but never had time to actually read while at work, because, you know, working.  
I started an email with the subject line, "Don't forget," and every time I found something of interest, I'd open it, paste the link, reply, and then get back to whatever it was I was supposed to be doing.  But, I never really would get around to revisiting them very often - they'd just sit there, collecting in my inbox. 
Luckily, gmail queues continuing conversations under the same line.  But a few days ago, I discovered that the queue has a limit.  The limit is 100 (a round, sensible number, like the number of soldiers Gatsu killed in one evening in order to keep his loved ones safe.)  
Good old terrifying, broken Gatsu.  
Anyway, once you hit the 100th post, the thread is finished.  If you continue to reply to it, it simply starts a brand new thread with the same subject line.  No real problem, but I found myself thinking, "Really?  A hundred links, and I've barely bothered to engage with them past noting their existence.  Oh internet, have I ceased to appreciate your beauty?  Am I merely a gawking bystander now, without the patience to drink in your grisly, magical wonder?  FORSOOTH.  It cannot be.   WHAT HAVE I BECOME???"
Accordingly, it seems like at the very least, I should hand the information off to more people who might have some kind of interest.  Plenty of these are way old, and in internet-time, where anything that was posted longer than three hours ago is Old News, I'm sure it'll be unimpressive to many of the techno elite.  But you know, fuck those guys.  
According to that magical site of wonders io9, IBM now has the technology to recreate a working cat-brain inside of a computer.  If you don't understand why that is awesome, I challenge you to prove to me that you are more complicated than a cat in any significant way.  Maybe you can!  But maybe you just think you can, because you're a biased human that believes Costco is actually a positive mark of cultural progress rather than a temple to caloric suicide.
The cat robot revolution is coming.  Mark my words.  Its heralds are already among us.  You were warned.