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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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[Ehaema] Testing

Now firing up the crossposter.

Applying duct tape to intertubes...

Eliminating bugs, like so...

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Woah. You've got to let me show this to my sith friend.

And by the way, hello, you know me as and_it_rains. I have friended you with this journal too as I use it more often.

Everybody needs a sith friend...

And of course I knew that alias was you. You have a pretty distinct voice. Reminds me of spectralrain at times.

Here's the source for the image (and a lovely blog for image harvesting in general...)


Re: Everybody needs a sith friend...

There's a name I haven't read in a while. Thank you. Times two. Shared the image with my friend.

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