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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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De plane! De plane!

For those with limited time to study up on political events, here's Bush in 30 seconds.

40 Things Every Drunkard Should Do. I haven't done all 40 of these. (whew) If you wanna know which ones I *have* done... you may ask about individual ones, at your leisure.

Make your own Avatar. This is cute! But I can't get it to email for some reason, so I need to experiment more. Thanks, merikus!

I'm outta here... convention in Tennessee this weekend, so I won't see you lot until Monday, probably. In the meantime, just to prove that I actually do still write occasionally, the below cocktail-napkin-scrawling is presented for your perusal.

Intransingent flecks of meaning circulate through his body, atomic units of significance, the virus of the impossible.

Sometimes these particles collect behind his eyes, causing reflex tears to birth themselves entirely to his surprise. His own hands can do nothing to stem this flow; failing, they leave the wind alone to lick the bleeding water clean.

Sometimes they gather within his arm, convulsing the muscles within, collapsing fingers into a fist. At moments like this, the walls of the Kingdom of Is become fragile. Always he hesitates before lashing out, for fear of breaking these walls and tearing a hole into someplace Other. Always then he strikes, but too late, to bruise his hand against the remorseless 3rd dimension only.

Sometimes they gather around his heart, where they light the darkness, burning like phosphorous might burn leagues below the surface of the ocean, clinging in all their immolative joy of ignition, signifying the Once, the Only, the Yes. They leave behind the memory of something bright and alien, and scars that never fully heal.

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as far as i can figure out, the e-mail option doesn't work. i had to take a screen shot, and crop out my little guy.

it's a bit more work, but i think it's cute. :)

Domkun is coming for you...


::jumps 10 feet in the air, taking refuge in a tree::

Christ, you bastard. Domo-kun scares the crap out of me. He's like some primal nightmare figure from the beginning of time, enemy of the first shaman, destroyer of worlds, eater of children, and scarred is the land that falls under his shadow.


::point, hop.:: Look, Gumby...with...uh...TEETH! ::hophophop.::

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