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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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[Ehaema] Ehaema FAQ


Who are you?
I am Eidolon. Or fulldamage, on Livejournal. If you want to know more, go ahead and put your google-fu to the test. I'm not hard to stalk, but I'm not really here to write up an autobiography.

What is this place?
This is Ehaema. It is a blog which I have wedged into the intertubes at an odd angle. It crossposts into Livejournal as well.

What does it mean?
Ehaema is an onomatopoeia for throat-clearing, as well as a name for Mother Twilight, a dusk spirit in Estonian mythology. Not that I'm an Estonian scholar; mostly it is just a word I like.

What is it?
This is a microfiction project. On each weekday, I will post a new short piece. Weekends I will take a break, though there might be news or admin posts such as this one. For LJ-users, I'll try to keep things short or use lj-cuts so as not to blow up your stream.

Why skip weekends?
It's funny - you'd think that I would rather take it easy on workdays, and be creative on weekends? But not so much. I find that on weekdays, a shot of creativity and flexing my imagination muscle helps to keep me feel excited and engaged when I might otherwise be bored. And on days off, I don't like making myself choose between well-earned relaxing time and creative time, because then it's like either choice is a loss.

Why are you doing this?
It is practice. Microfiction is a little bite-sized chunk of work - the effort is really minimal, allowing me to fit it anywhere into my schedule, and it gives me an excuse to write every single day, to improve every single day, and to have a motivating deadline to meet and beat every single day. As with any other skill, I can only improve through regular practice, and I want to improve. I often find myself daunted or trapped in critique and self-doubt with other stories I've started. Here, I want to remove my compulsion to analyze and reconstruct the plot ad infinitum. This is just wordplay, exercise. It might, in time, become a story of a sort - but my priority is just to keep up the effort.

I want to keep this up for a year. We'll see how that goes. But if you're moved to do so, you can help me out by commenting, reacting, or otherwise giving me incentive to always hit that deadline. And though I can't go so far as to promise you a story in the traditional sense, I will at the least try and keep things interesting.

Are you going to work on some of your older stories here?
No. It will all be new work, written specifically for this project. I may write ahead a little bit to create a buffer, because there are times when the day really is too busy or I'm traveling.

Are you a supernatural creature or a monster?
Shhhh. Hush.

Everything I've read here so far is terrible and I do not like you, as a person.
That's... not actually a question.

Can you write something for me?
It's the sort of thing I'm known to do. Leave a comment or message, and we'll parley.

You are already supposed to be writing something for me! Why are you wasting your time on these instead?
I got this. Don't make it weird.

If you have more questions, go ahead and ask.

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You know what's going to happen, don't you. I'm going to read these, devour them and hunt for more, compelled like some sailor by the Siren to follow past impossibility. And then, as always happens, something will twitch in my chest, brought to life by your words and crawl its way free. You've baited the Third Space, that universal and elusive space between me and you (me and the world).

Be prepared for monsters.

::steeples fingers, raises a crafty eyebrow::

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