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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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[Ehaema] Too Fast

Bursts of light swim across the horizon now. The motes have become incandescent, hammering their cacophonous light through the retinal tissue, lighting up the back of the brain with joyous starsong. See how valiantly they burn, each in solitude, surrounded by the coldest cold and the darkest dark.

Below is a path of purest translucent crystal. It would be invisible in the gloom but for the light of the newborn stars, which reveal the edges of the path in lines of etched blue. There is a faint shimmer along its surface - the crystal surface itself is flawless and invisible, but there are reflections - things moving along its surface, almost faster than can be seen. Songs. Images. People. In the distance, more lines are visible, converging on a hub that climbs starward. The hub is hard to focus on - it seems to creep away towards the corners of the eye, like a mirage. And it is tall, stretching up so high that one must crane the neck to look up, up, up...

The path is approaching. Too fast.

Image Source: Shaun Wilson, Space Horizon 08