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Status check!

How's everyone? You all doing okay? Nobody homeless, being robbed from, on fire, drowning in drama, going mad, depressed and tormented, crazy and exhilharated, working on stories, children exploding in the microwave, ODs, fleeing the law, howling at the moon, on a mission from God to save us from bad television and french fries, mysterious alien creatures in your stool sample, on an 8 week bender, painting your life story in blood on the walls of the Mormon Tabernacle, having hot illicit sex with a blood relative, nothing like that?

Damn. No wonder it's so quiet. Good on you! :)

Now THAT'S sci-fi
It's hard to believe this one even as I'm reading it.

Slick Digital Criminal
It always seemed to me that in the time it takes to plan and pull off an ingenious crime plan, you could probably have just worked at a regular job and made a fair load of money with zero risk. Nevertheless, I have to admit, this was pretty damn smooth.

Bad Video Game Plots
Oh go on. Click it. You know you wanna.

NOFX and Jello Biafra Tag Team
I am going here tomorrow. Continue to rock. Continue to vote.

From Nun to Prostitute
To quote myself: "Oh, hell yea--um, I mean, wow, that's a powerful story."

OMG Kaneda's bike IRL r0xx0rz!!11!
Seriously, that's badass. WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED AKIRA???

Out. Weekend yourself, stat!

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Nun to teacher to prostitute...

1. The Catholic church has ALOT of 'splainin' to do as it is. This should come as no surprise, really. Man, little Catholic schoolboys have had this fantasy for AGES, I'm sure.

2. Teaching can not only drive a person over the edge or to can drive them to sell themselves for money. Oh, wait, they say they're doing that already...

3. She "felt guilt and shameful" but it apparently was the best time of her give it all up for celibacy? hey, Life's all about the carnal carnival! Maybe it's the fact that it's no longer a sexual revolution but a sexual (russian) roulette?

::chuckles::Man, what a story. priceless. (Though I'd wager she's making a fair buck offa the whole thing.)

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