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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Can't Stop Won't Stop

Kuggen building in Gothenburg, via Design You Trust

Continuing the microfiction (which is sneakily looking more and more like macrofiction, or just plain old writing) barrage.  One a day, every weekday, with supplemental material on weekends.  It's becoming a more natural effort - I feel tense before I actually get in there and hammer something out, and inordinately self-satisfied afterwards.  

It's the same principle by which those japanese "train novels" get written - commuters punching in an entry on their little smartphones every commute, until finally something begins to take shape.  

Been stupidly busy as well - hardly any time for gaming lately! - but I think it is all stuff that will pay off in one way or another, down the line. 



Also contains the occasional strange picture or music, for the reading-impaired.  ^_^  Selah.