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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Report: NOFX still alive and kicking. Ass.

Such a great show last weekend; Fat Mike was all injured and whatnot, and played the whole set from a couch that they carried onstage... and they did a bunch of my absolute favorites. They covered Rancid, Bad Religion, and Minor Threat songs too... Trey even got in the pit with the rest of we rowdies... huzzah, an afropunk is born!

Now if only someone had driven a tank over the opening band, everything would have been peachy. Though we came up with the punkest band concept ever while we suffered through them... picture David Hasselhoff (dressed as the devil) on lead vocals, Burt Reynolds on bass, Will Shatner doing some guitar high kicks and support vocals... and for shits and giggles, Donna Reed on drums. Tell me that's not hardcore. I double grog dare you.

Kanji Counting Lesson
Larn y'self sum edjumacashun.

Nintendo's Darkside.
If anyone can get ahold of a tape of this, let me know, would ya?

I should remember to get this book.

Magical Virtual Bubble Wrap!
Are you as easily amused as I am?

Crunch Mode
This little treatise by Porkfry on the Penny Arcade site basically sums up what I mean when I talk about "Crunch Mode" at work. Thankfully I haven't to look down the barrel of one of these for some time, but the possibility always looms...

Did you know about the Doom Comic? It's rabidly insane, but funny. "I've got a hand full of vertebrae and a hand full of mad?" Hell yeah.

So you think you've REALLY heard it all? Read this, and see if you don't need a hot shower and a good cry afterwards.

Think robot anime girls are strictly from the land of fantasy? Think again.

Drop me a line when you can, and remember that you make me smile.

P.S. Anyone have a doghouse? I need to know what the living conditions are like, since I forgot to send the family Easter cards this year. Jesus is always getting me in trouble.

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Your band idea is tops!

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