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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Tuesday will not defeat me

Newest weapon of mass destruction? The PS2.

This is pornography... it doesn't shut down for Christmas.
Still, only one reported case of HIV infection in that establishment in the California adult movie sector since 1999? That's better odds than most of us get during NON-filmed sex. :)

Boy falls asleep during Bush address, millions laugh, White House denies everything.
Hey, I don't watch TV at all, but it's funny that Letterman is in a position to rag on anyone else's journalistic integrity.

McDonald's CEO dies of heart attack. Coincidence? Oh, perhaps...

Warren Ellis' little spiel on creating sounds/stories/data that weigh in under 3.5M and are easily swappable and downloadable to floppy, really struck me as a fascinating concept. These guys seem to have the same idea. Click to check out the skinny on their 96K FPS game (the game itself can be downloaded at that address as well). Don't let the download size fool ya though, you need a system that's up-to-speed in order to run it. Min reqs: 1.5 GHz processor and a newer generation graphics accelerator such as a Nvidia GeForce 4Ti or ATI Radeon 8500 with 128 MByte memory as well as support for pixel shaders 1.3 and DirectX 9.0b.

Thank you Jana for bringing your sunny sweet self through to visit. Next time, when my throat doesn't feel like a Superfund dump site, we go dance. All you non-sick people have a good weekend? Hmmm?

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You've picked a bad time to have a Superfund site in your throat, thanks to the Bush Admin, those funds for clean up are depleted. It's like global, environmental HMO's...no medicine for you!

Wow, you should totally join anachrotech.

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