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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Burninating the countryside...

News from the World of Suck.

For the ladies. Also check out these Glacier glasses!

Oh, snap! Downloadable Kidd Video?!! This is arguably one of the most ludicrous Saturday morning cartoons to ever come out of the 80's... but still, a pixie with legwarmers, how fucking adorable is that?

I'm pretty sure I already posted a link to the Casshern movie, but here it is again for convenience's sake. It 0wnz j00. Also do yourself a favor and go check out Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; trust me, it is self-explanatorially cool. Credit to eurolymius for that one; she knew about it before me because she's so goddamn hip she has difficulty seeing over her pelvis.

Know where your towels are, froods.

PS: I have a hunch that one or two of you have your Friends pages set without a distinguishing color for hyperlinks. Move your cursor over my incomparable text, and you will discover a wealth of secret treasures! Otherwise, my entries would make even less sense to you than they do already, which is just crazy.

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Aaaargh! Kidd Video!!!

Your 80s powers are something to be feared and admired.
Or admired and feared.

Call me Street Hawk, biatch!


That's for having tricked me into reading yet ANOTHER story about post-surgical findings of surgical aparatus!



And that's for posting.

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