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How is it only Tuesday...?

Beat seals for fun, not profit.

My PS2 loves me. What have YOU done for me lately?

The following links remorselessly stolen from kingsnake, who makes it his business to know everything that is cool.

A Softer World is an absolutely great webcomic; simple, vulnerable, blackhearted, and utterly worth your attention.

Feral contains everything you ever wanted to know about... well, real Feral Children. I can't be the only one who finds it completely, rivetingly fascinating.

PUNK: the Indie RPG. Either seeing this title grips you with a sick curiousity, or it does not. You know what you must do.

Quiz stolen from spectralrain; know that I might break into your journal, but never your car. :)


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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I actually saw the Forbidden Experiment concerning Genie on Discovery with the whole theory on the language curve. That there is some critical window in which to learn language is fascinating. If there is some measure of truth to it, why aren't we teaching foreign languages earlier in development? Does mastery of one language lend itself to expansion to others? Then the big question (to me), for those nonverbal children, have they mastered a language we simply haven't? I often think that langauge can't be as narrowly defined as we make it. Intrigued for the day.

And on a completely separate note. I know it was a guy who broke into my car because he left the flowered steering wheel cover and the celtic blanket. Not that I mind! Also an unthorough thief, I still have the cd's left in the door pocket, or maybe he wasn't a folk music fan. ;p

I would have LOVED to see that Discovery special; this is an unbelievably rare occasion on which lack of television upsets me.

It's extremely clear that kids have a much, much easier time mastering more than language if they begin learning them early... people who learn to be bilingual earlier on, and have a much better chance of being good at multiple languages than those of us who start with one, and attack other languages later in life.

At the the crux of your theory about nonverbals is, "Language = communication?"

Though, I think that Genie's test scores... particularly that one involving discerning patterns out of chaotic arrangements, where she scored higher than ANYONE WHO HAS EVER TAKEN THE TEST, is incredibly fascinating.

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