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Before I forget...

Echoes v1.0

From my friend, the King Snake: "I am working on a small internet art project and would like your help. It involves answering one question (in 25 words or less) and taking a photo that relates to it. The photo can be scanned, or from a digital camera, or a still frame of video, whatever. I'm collecting them from around the world and then i'll put 'em up online. The pic must be recent (either new for this project or from 2003) and smaller is better memory-wise.

The question is: What's one thing you miss about somewhere you've lived in the past?

The attached picture might be something that reminds you of the thing you miss, or something that's its opposite, or just an image that moves you. I'll be putting the replies online and linking them in various ways."

This'll be an ongoing project, and it's just barely a zygote right now; it will be continuing to evolve as time goes on. He can use all the input he can get, so if you can send him a memory and a picture here, he'd appreciate it muchly. Don't be shy; give it a shot. Aren't you curious to see how it'll all turn out?


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