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I will write something soon, honest, but in the meantime...

Fear the power of my Lie Detector Glasses!
Seriously, I want a pair. Very badly!

English to 12 year old AOLer translator
Do I need to explain? Go try it!

"For psychologists, dogs may be the new chimpanzees."

Hey, Megatokyo fans, What are your l33t skillz?

Here, you can read up on this potential Cellphone Virus. Imagine, if you could hack phones to get people's phone numbers, leave voicemail bombs, lock them out of their own phonebooks... and that's just for starters...

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If the Rickshaw were destroyed...

...she, or her surviving family members, would probably sue him, or his family. Were he lucky enough to live, he would be overwhelemed by medical costs and, having lost his job due to his rickshaw exploding, would be in debt until death and then leave the debt to his family.

She, on the other hand, if surviving the explosion, would probably win a case against him for negligence. (Failing to provide security against known revolutinary tactics, mayhap) Her already wealthy family would undoutbedly provide for her health care for the remainder of her life.

Hrm. basically the poor get poorer and the rich...get more services for being injured.

Just my take on it.;)

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