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Punk Rock makes my tummy feel better.

Nanofairies have snuck into my guts in the night, and are having a good time this morning, assembling and reassembling themselves with gleeful abandon, and tagging binary artwork on my intenstinal wall with mildly acidic marking paint, making the hour-long drive to work an sour one. My CD player has once again gone comatose, and NPR is dull this morning, but luckily I have an old copy of Rancid (self-titled) on a cassette tape carefully stashed on the floor. I shit you not (proverbially), 2 and a half minutes into Hyena I feel markedly better, even good! When I start feeling bad again, I suddenly realize it's because the tape has hit the B-side break. I fast-forward to hit the end of the tape, the music starts, and shortly I feel better again! Therefore ye gentles, I recommend Dr. Armstrong's Rancid Audio Tonic, a philtre of miraculous efficacy, for sour stomach, rheumatism, and lumbago.

Went to Six Flags Marine World a couple Wednesdays ago; happy birthday, Jana! Rollercoasters are fun, and in principle having animals nearby would be cool too; the Bengal tiger was outright gorgeous. But realistically their pens are so small, and the animals looks so terribly dejected (I'm sorry, elephants! Trample someone, I won't mind!), that the experience is more than a bit saddening. The cheetah just pacing back and forth, back and forth near the back wall of it's pen, searching for that way out, was heartbreaking. I swear one of the lions whispered, "Bitch, I'll cut you," as we went past them. I don't blame 'em.

Happy (slightly belated) birthday to jaspyr as well; going to 99 Bottles was a treat, as much as was the... um... other places that we were drinking at. Whereever they were. Your friends are good company as well, but let it be known... bad drinks invented and ordered, will be at least half-consumed by the inventor. Panda policy. Along with, "Let them eat cake." ^^

My job wants to get rid of me, but they won't fucking fire me. Neither will they really hire me (contractor, ho!). Well, if they keep on their current trend of laying off talented people and retaining fools in order to preserve their "organizational structure," then my time will come soon. I love America.

Destiny Dreamers is only amusing if you are a gamer afflicted with FFXI. You've been warned.

Aaron McGruder's "The Boondocks" has always been a favorite; the past couple of weeks it's been charmingly on-point about the Nader issue.

Love on the Oregon Trail.
You have no idea how funny I think this is. Nor should you.

Curmudgeon Gamer has an interesting little study on the price fluctuations of video games over their shelf-life, from a consumer's eye view.

Oh, welcome back to the country, kingsnake.

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the healing power of punk

thanks for the welcome back, but thanks more for love on the oregon trail. fucking hilarious. and disturbing. which makes it more hilarious.

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