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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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(no subject)

I'm playing this new game at work.

You play it by sifting through a list of about 1000 media contacts left to you by a marketing manager of yore, and with no idea who half of them are, you determine which 50 - 60 deserve to be mailed IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Also, some of them have already been mailed stuff, but you don't know which.

I'm not sure what this game is called. But I think it may potentially rhyme with suck.

While I suffer, so must you. Poison your brain with the following links. ^^

Support your local Fat Kid.

This Land is My Land.
Kerry vs. Bush, Flash video goodness.

Bad News Hughes
Bar none, the funniest blog I have read in months, if not ever. Seriously. Go look. Sample: Curiosity is good, but remember — there are a lot of things out there that, if you go research them, will stick in your brain. Forever. Like "bukkake." So be cautious. Once some shit like bukkake gets in there, it ain’t never coming out. You could be in the middle of a job interview or something, and your brain might start whispering, "Bukkake. Bukkake. Bukkake."

Something Positive
My new favorite webcomic. It's entirely possible that this is just too weird for you to be into. Me, I find it just dark enough to be good. Start from the beginning, if reformed sex dwarves, asian girls wielding broken bottles, and boneless radioactive cats named Choo-choo Bear are your thing.

Less of the humor, more of the angry-making.

And finally, this week's geek moment presents: Another damn Final Fantasy quiz.

Auron the Guardian
You are Auron the Guardian. You are a loner who
works for those he's made his promise to.
Though your wisdom may be hard for some to
understand, your sword clears all situations
up. You are still strong in your past, but are
prepared for what time holds now. Good for you!

Which Final Fantasy X character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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On the quiz part. Ditto.

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